Baby Boomer Retirement Trends

Baby Boomer youth didn’t look much like our parents’ or grandparents’ youth. Baby Boomer retirement isn’t going to look like theirs, either.

We just always have to be different, don’t we?

Of course, not all of the trends that we Baby Boomers will need to face in our retirement feel that entire active. Job security is dead, and so are pensions. In their place, we Boomers are faced with falling property values, damaged investment portfolios, and a system that seems to promote an “every person for themselves” kind of mindset.

It’s hardly the “Age of Aquarius,” is it?

On the other hand, though, we Boomers have a lot of strong, encouraging things going for us. For one thing, we can expect to live much longer after retirement than our parents or grandparents did. Today’s financial planners plan for a lifespan of 90 to 95 years!

And with medical science, knowledge of proper nutrition, and the introduction of complementary modalities like Yoga and acupuncture, our generation is going to be healthier in our retirement, too.

Yes, many of us have financial challenges ahead of us as we plan for and enter our retirement. But Boomers also have a lot of tools to meet those challenges. I’d like to talk about one of those tools here. It’s called the Internet, and if you let it, this tool will totally change how you go about your retirement. I dare you to try calisthenics, here’s where you can get started:

I can’t say enough about how the Internet has changed things. And since you’ve found this article, I probably don’t have to-you’re already using the ‘Net! But did you know that the Internet has made it easier than ever to own and operate your own business?

If you think that you can’t own a retirement business because you don’t believe that you’ve got the time or the money to invest, think again. Some Internet companies only cost a few hundred dollars to set up others just a few thousand. And as for time, with an Internet business, you’re not trading your time directly for money anymore.

You post the content, and then that content works for you when you’re reading, vacationing, and sleeping it like having a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week workforce that you don’t have to pay or manage! Do you think you can spare a consistent 10 or so hours a week in your retirement on something that will help finance that retirement? I didn’t think so!

Another great thing is the variety of Internet businesses you can own. You can do network marketing on the Internet or be an affiliate marketer. You can convert one of your hobbies into a business. Or you can use your expertise and create e-books, videos, and other materials that people need to improve their lives.

That way, you can use your retirement to help others even as you’re helping yourself.

The fact is, Baby Boomer retirement doesn’t have to be a matter of shutting ourselves away in “old folks’ homes” and never coming out except when the kids visit. We don’t have to take up the bridge or spend our nights in front of the TV unless we want to. Instead, Baby Boomer retirement can look an awful lot like the rest of our lives except during our second lives; we can have the freedom to do whatever we want!


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